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Why Choose Polyurethane Moulding?

There are many different methods of producing plastic enclosures including injection moulding, thermoforming, and fabrication. Here at Midas we specialise in manufacturing polyurethane mouldings using Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM). RIM is a versatile and reliable method of producing quality parts, suitable for a wide range of applications. Over the last 30 years, we have been fortunate to become the UK’s number one producer of low volume, polyurethane enclosures and moulded parts.

What exactly is Polyurethane RIM Moulding?

Polyurethane is the material we use within our RIM moulding process. It is made from two components, isocyanate and polyol, which, when carefully mixed, produce the final material needed to create the hard-wearing, robust casings we are known for.

At Midas we use flame retardant (UL94 V0) rigid polyurethane in both our production and prototype mouldings. Take a look at our 'What exactly is RIM Moulding' article for a deeper dive in to the process.

Our prototype tooling system, FASTrim™ can guarantee a minimum of 30 parts whereas Midas MRIM™ can offer up to 5000 parts over 10 years. The only difference between the two processes is the tooling construction, therefore our prototype moulding process is still suitable for final products and offers a cost-effective solution for very low-quantity projects or where testing and clinical validation is required.

Reliable solutions for medical, laboratory and electronic equipment

RIM moulding is suitable for many high-end industries where quality assurance is paramount. All parts produced are flame retardant with UL94 V0 certification ensuring they are suitable for a range of applications and shipment worldwide. Professional bodies review our methods regularly to ensure standards are consistently being met across all our services and at present, we are certified to ISO9001:2015.

Our PU enclosures and parts can be produced within days when using the FASTrim™ prototype system, whilst still meeting our high-quality standards. When only a small number of parts are required we can manufacture and finish products to high specifications within an agreed time frame. Thanks to our internal systems we have been able to supply quality products with rapid turnaround times for our clients. An excellent example would be for JCB where we produced two top quality bonnets, tooling designed, parts produced and finished in just 7 days. You can read more about this case study here.



Our FASTrim™ and MRIM™ systems provide a versatile route to market with parts produced meeting all of our customers high standards. Our ability to produce small volumes of parts quickly, using the prototype system offers a short-term solution for your PU moulding needs. Alternatively, the full production system can supply you with consistent, high quality parts for up to 10 years.


For more information about our production methods speak with a member of the team today.

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Why Choose Polyurethane Moulding?