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Midas Implements Recycling of all Polyurethane Waste

The latest investment in our #MidasGreenInitiative means that we are proud to announce that our Untha LRK 700 industrial shredding machine is now fully commissioned and working perfectly in our dedicated storage and recycling facility here on Shuttleworth Road, Bedford.


The purchase of this equipment will mean that we can now 100% recycle all of the Polyurethane Tooling board (Ureol) waste that we produce in our toolmaking process.

In principle we purchase sheets of PU tooling board from within the UK, we then CNC machine our MRIM master patterns from that material, when the pattern is finished we make our unique Midas MRIM Composite Resin Mould tools from those patterns, once the Mouldtool is finished we no longer need the master pattern so Instead of sending it off for energy generation via RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) we can now grind the patterns down into granules, they can then be delivered back into the OEM, on our Electric Delivery vehicles, and be used to make more PU Tooling Board….. If we bag up the CNC swarf and add it to the granules that means almost 100% of the original material goes back for reuse.

A truly circular but totally responsible process that allows us to reduce our carbon responsibility even further and demonstrate our honest and transparent commitment to doing the best we can to make amends for our carbon intensive past.

If you would like to see the process and the material it produces, just get in touch and we can arrange the visit.

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Midas Implements Recycling of all Polyurethane Waste Midas Implements Recycling of all Polyurethane Waste