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Midas Invests in a new Coordinate Measuring System

January 2024 saw the installation and commissioning of a brand new Hexagon/Romer 7 axis Inspection Arm.


Purchased from LK Metrology in the UK our new ‘Freedom arm’ has a working envelope of 2.5m (spherical envelope) with a resolution accuracy of +/- 0.04mm

In addition to the purchase of the new arm we have upgraded our Inspection software to the market leading system – ‘Polyworks Inspector for Probing – 2023’.

With 2 dedicated trained inspectors using the new equipment our inspection capacity has already increased with the new software proving much easier to use and our inspection reports (layout & content) moving up a level. Our temperature controlled inspection room revolves around our 3 metre x 1.5 metre granite surface table.

The combination of our new arm, the Polyworks software, this table, our skilled inspectors and the environment they work in means that generation of all FAIR’s (First Article Inspection Reports) and general inspection criteria can be carried out quickly, professionally and very accurately.

If you would like to see some ‘live’ inspection taking place please do let us know and we can arrange the visit for you.

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Midas Invests in a new Coordinate Measuring System Midas Invests in a new Coordinate Measuring System