10% BioGas
2 7Kw EV Chargers
90% Carbon Neutral Gas
Zero Landfill
100% LED Lighting
100% Recyclable packaging
Zero Single use plastics
100% Green Electricity

Midas Green Initiative

The Environment

Midas is a responsible plastics manufacturer, we take climate change very seriously, we believe in the science behind the climate emergency and we have developed  The Midas Green Initiative to communicate the progress we have made in reducing our carbon footprint. We are using less energy and improving our green credentials across our business, we have excluded all single use plastics from our factories and we don’t expect our customers to choose us as their manufacturing partner unless we can demonstrate a genuine desire to help to halt climate change.

The Process

The polyurethane we make our mouldings from is a lightweight structural material that uses very little energy when it is converted. There is no heating or cooling required in the tooling and our mouldings are produced at room temperature. We have no high energy consuming injection machines or presses, all we do is manually handle our moulds and then pour liquid polyurethane resin into them which then cures at room temperature. Our process produces no CFC’s and our polyurethane is completely inert when cured - it will not degrade or leach poisons into the environment. All our mouldings are cast to size ensuring maximum environmental and process efficiency with minimal waste thus avoiding the need for additional energy consuming or material wasting machining processes for post machining.

The Benefits

Our finished RIM mouldings are used in life enhancing applications from Medical Devices through to Solar Panels and EV Charging Stations. They are used positively every day and have a lifespan in excess of 50 years - in simple terms they are as far from ‘single use plastics’ as any plastic product can be. When you need a precision moulding, weighing up to 30Kg, potentially measuring in excess of 3 metres, that will last over 50 years with complete stability, is robust and has a beautiful finish AND only takes a few watts of energy to make, you know that Midas’ unique polyurethane RIM moulding process is a responsible choice for Green conscious buyers.

End of Life

Using our PU moulding process ensures the maximum return on your investment, it ensures quality and longevity and means your product will effectively last ‘forever’. However, when the time does come to recycle your covers, the polyurethane can be ground down into an inert bulk filler that is used in the construction and composites industry and will remain inert and environmentally safe for generations to come.


Midas Manufacturing 

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