Tooling and Parts for Specialist Vehicle Bonnet in 7 Days!

  • Two JCB bonnets needed for short-notice exhibition launch
  • Required ribbed and bossed surface detail
  • Embossed logo painted in two contrasting colours

JCB came to Midas needing two specialist bonnets for an upcoming exhibition launch. Time was not on their side and they needed a company that could deliver high-quality products to meet a tight deadline.

At Midas, we have developed our advanced FASTrim™ process to provide a quick and reliable way of producing low-volume or prototype products. Using the same trusted materials as our RIM moulding process, FASTrim™ is a great choice when time is of the essence.

We were able to support JCB’s request of short-lead times by compressing both the tooling and part manufacture process time down to a minimum. Using the FASTrim™ process which allows soft tools to be manufactured in days ensured the parts were completed as quickly as possible. As JCB required only two parts, this was the perfect solution.

The project required the mouldings to have fully ribbed and bossed ‘B’ surface detail - an effect achievable by our in-house tooling processes. Our paint-shop team then painted the ‘A’ surface to a class A standard with 2-pack polyurethane gloss paint giving the bonnets the classic JCB finish.

We also carefully masked parts of the embossed logo, allowing the design to stand out in two striking colours.

Measuring 1300mm x 800mm x 300mm, the part fitted first-time to the chassis thanks to our accurate tooling and manufacture process.

With all of our focus on the project, we were able to complete the two specialist bonnets, from start-to-finish in just 7 working days! From the offset, the project was streamlined across all departments to ensure no time was wasted and our client was able to successfully attend the exhibition launch.

Our dedicated team and technical expertise meant that we were able to lay the foundations for on-going production requirements with JCB.

If you need a project completing fast, please get in touch with the team today to see how we can help. 

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Tooling and Parts for Specialist Vehicle Bonnet in 7 Days!