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Latest Company News

5 Steps to Carbon Neutrality in Manufacturing

Date Added: 26/10/2020

For many small manufacturing companies, the growing focus on carbon neutrality and how it will affect business is a serious topic, but how do you start and will your efforts make a difference?

As climate change moves up the agenda to take centre stage, business transformation will be...

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Make UK Energy and Sustainability Winners !!!!

Date Added: 15/10/2020

Press Release

Midas is a world leading, process carbon neutral polyurethane RIM moulding company that provides a range of prototype and production moulding solutions.  All tooling is manufactured on site and RIM mouldings ideally suited to high value, innovative products such as medical...

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UN Sustainable Development Goals from a Manufacturers Perspective

Date Added: 28/09/2020

With so much misinformation, fake news and ‘greenwashing’ it can be really hard to separate noise from ‘real’ facts when it comes to climate change and the move to a more sustainable future.

As small manufacturing companies we need clear guidance. Support to navigate the...

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Securing Our Manufacturing Future and Sustainability

Date Added: 15/09/2020

 Achieving Process Carbon Neutrality and Investing in our Manufacturing Future

Midas Pattern Company are leading the charge on responsible and sustainable polyurethane RIM moulding manufacture and it’s fair to say the Bedford based company have a lot to shout about at the moment. With...

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Make UK Manufacturing Awards - Shortlisted for Award

Date Added: 04/09/2020


We are over the moon to announce that we have been shortlisted for the MAKEuk regional manufacturing awards in the Energy and Sustainability category.

The Energy and Sustainability award has been developed to recognise those in UK manufacturing that have done the most to...

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