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Is Polyurethane Sustainable?

In an era where sustainability is paramount and innovation drives progress, Midas Pattern Co. Ltd stands at the forefront of the polyurethane (PU) moulding industry. With 35 years of expertise in manufacturing, our UK-based company has not only established itself as a premier supplier of polyurethane reaction injection mouldings (RIM) but has also taken significant strides towards creating a greener, more sustainable future.

With 100% Green Electricity and 100% BioGas as well as zero single-use plastics or landfill, our journey to become a Carbon Net Zero facility has been along a long, yet promising, road. Here’s where the Midas Green Initiative comes in;


Midas Pattern's Commitment to Sustainability

At Midas Pattern Co. Ltd sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's a core value ingrained in every aspect of our unique polyurethane moulding operations – from FASTrim to MRIM. Recognising the urgency of climate change, Midas embarked on a journey in 2019 to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our environmental impact – the first step to becoming ‘The Responsible Polyurethane Moulding Company’.

The result? The #MidasGreenInitiative – a comprehensive strategy aimed at driving change within our manufacturing processes and fostering a company-wide culture of sustainability.

Since its inception, the #MidasGreenInitiative has been instrumental in revolutionising Midas's approach to PU Moulding. By investing in energy-efficient equipment, utilising renewable energy sources, and implementing innovative technologies, we have achieved remarkable milestones. Notably, the company became 'process carbon neutral' in July 2020, marking a significant milestone in our sustainability journey, we went on to become ‘carbon net zero’ in January 2021.

Our latest investment in our Midas Green Initiative is our Untha LRK 700 industrial shredding machine. The installation of this equipment will mean that we can now recycle 100% of the PU Tooling Board (Ureol) waste that our tooling process produces and all Polyurethane Mouldings that have reached ‘end of life’. Learn more about our recent investment in our article – ‘Midas Implement Recycling of all Polyurethane Waste’.


Sustainable PU Moulding Processes

Central to Midas Pattern Co.’s sustainability efforts is our unique polyurethane moulding processes. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods that often entail high energy consumption and produce harmful emissions, Midas's PU RIM process is inherently eco-friendly due to the absence of tool heating/cooling and energy hungry automation.

During RIM moulding, no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are produced, and the polyurethane used is completely inert once cured, ensuring minimal environmental impact at ‘end of life’. Moreover, Midas's PU mouldings boast a lifespan in excess of 50 years, making them a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics.

Additionally, our commitment to repair, repurpose, and reuse further extends the lifecycle of each prototype or product that we manufacture, reducing waste and promoting circularity. Once mouldings reach ‘end of life’ they are returned to Midas for reprocessing with the material being repurposed to further reduce carbon emissions.

Custom PU Mouldings for Every Need

Whether you're in need of prototype mouldings or long-term production solutions, Midas Pattern Co. has you covered.

Our FASTrim™ system offers rapid prototyping capabilities (1 – 30off) in production UL94 VO flame retardant materials, allowing clients to bring their innovations to life with speed and precision. Meanwhile, the MRIM™ process caters to low-volume production needs (1 – 2500 PA), offering cost-effective solutions without ever compromising on quality.


How can we continue to improve the sustainability of polyurethane?

As sustainability continues to drive industry trends, Midas Pattern Co. Ltd remains steadfast in our commitment to environmental responsibility. By embracing innovation, investing in sustainable practices, and fostering partnerships with like-minded organisations, Midas is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Through our dedication to green initiatives and pioneering manufacturing processes, Midas is not only shaping the landscape of modern manufacturing but also setting a new standard for environmental responsibility. With Midas Pattern Co. Ltd leading the way, the future of polyurethane moulding is undeniably bright – and green, and The King agrees!

As a result of 5 years of hard work and commitment Midas was awarded The Kings Award for Enterprise – Sustainability in 2023, one of only a handful of UK companies to win in the Sustainability sector! High praise and incredible recognition indeed.

To learn more about our innovative rapid prototyping process, you can contact a member of the Midas Pattern Co. team via email at or telephone +441234358394. Alternatively, why not arrange a visit to meet the team and see our unique processes for yourself?

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Is Polyurethane Sustainable? Is Polyurethane Sustainable?