Prototype Polyurethane RIM Mouldings


Midas FASTrim™ gives you the opportunity to obtain rapid prototype Polyurethane RIM mouldings, in production rated UL94 VO cast polyurethane, in just days, subsequently helping you with product launches, demo instruments and Alpha/Beta test machines.

FASTrim™ tools are used within our production polyurethane moulding facility, guaranteeing that we use exactly the same materials used in our production moulding process for our prototypes, in fact the only difference between our prototype and production processes is the tool life.

Parts produced are ready for testing, validation, design sign off and of course - sale, making it an ideal competitive alternative to many rapid prototyping technologies such as SLS/SLA/Vacuum casting.

Use Midas FASTrim™ not only for your prototype requirements but as 'bridge' tooling or for low volume production RIM moulded projects.

FASTrim™ tooling is our ‘soft’ tooling process that has been developed to enable you to have parts in days using production material. 

Midas FASTrim™ tooling is CNC machined so is highly accurate and unlike silicon vac casting tooling it can be modified as your project evolves.

Complex undercut features, cast in threaded inserts and organic forms are all possible meaning that you can spend more time developing the end product rather than worrying too much about the manufacturing process. 

FASTrim™ - a low risk, fast solution to meet tight deadlines and product launches.

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