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Midas is an award winning, Precision Polyurethane moulding company, dedicated to delivering the highest levels of Quality, Customer Service and Design for Manufacture. With 30 years of experience and advanced manufacturing facilities here in the UK, we can provide a range of prototype and production Polyurethane moulding solutions which are ideally suited when developing high value, innovative scientific equipment.  We supply UL 94/VO Flame retardant  polyurethane mouldings in prototype and production volumes, all of which are moulded from our unique, low cost, composite mould tools. We also undertake painting, screen printing and product assembly completely 'in house'.

30 Years trading
2 Factories
75 Skilled staff
24/7 Toolmaking
7 CNC Machines
6 Weeks tooling lead time
5000 Tool life guarantee
40 Parts per week

Our Services

At Midas it is our aim to support you through all your new product development cycle, from Concept Development through Prototyping and on to long-term production Polyurethane RIM moulding supply. Polyurethane moulding is the perfect process for all your low volume requirements where quality finishes are essential, complexity and organic forms are desired and risk and tooling investment is kept to a minimum. For more detailed information on how we can help, take a look through our service options.

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Case Studies

Midas Enables Digital Viewing on the Go

Rugged design required to pass stringent TfL safety requirements Dynamic advertising platform designed to withstand day-to-day scenarios Sleek design and black gloss paint complemented the cab’s exterior Midas has key experience in the automotive industry, working alongside...

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2019 Green is the new Orange!

2019 has been a very exciting year for us at Midas as alongside our normal business we have been setting up...


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