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Is Reaction Injection Moulding Sustainable?

The process behind reaction injection moulding generates a large amount of electrical energy which is then fed back into environmental emissions. The long-life cycle of moulds created through using reaction injection moulding (RIM) tackles the ever-growing drain on raw materials, as once created, the moulds can be used multiple times over many years before becoming obsolete.

In terms of the machinery that is typically used in the industry, there have been some significant advancements with the main focus of significantly reducing the energy consumption levels when producing the mouldings. In some cases, these improvement efforts see a reduction of anywhere between 20% to 50% in regards to energy consumption.

Midas Pattern Co. differ slightly from the traditional RIM manufacturers, as we have achieved carbon neutrality in accordance with PAS 2060:2014 specification, showing that we are more than committed to aligning our business efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Midas Pattern Co’s RIM process


At Midas Pattern Co, our manufacturing process for reaction injection mouldings follow the line of sustainability. We use a lightweight polyurethane in our mouldings, which has the huge benefit of low energy use when converting. Our commitment to sustainable reaction injection moulding has meant that our manufacturing process takes place at room temperature as opposed to high temperatures. Additionally, we utilise a unique method of manually handling our tooling, which means that no high-energy consuming machines are used in our process.


Re-using and Recycling


One of the biggest sustainable impacts of our PU moulding process is that, while our products guarantee quality and longevity, there will be moments wherein general wear and tear will occur. As part of our manufacturing process and RIM life-cycle, parts can be returned to us at any point for rebranding, repainting, general repairs or even modification.

At Midas Pattern Co., the type of polyurethane used in our processes can go on to be re-used in construction industries, remaining environmentally friendly for many more years after it reaches its end-life as a mould.


Midas Pattern Co’s Green Initiative


Since 2019, Midas Pattern Co. have worked to ensure that all of our products, ranging from PU mouldings, MRIM and FASTrim tooling and much more are completely carbon neutral. We take pride in being a responsible plastics manufacturer, driving change within our manufacturing process and then proceeding to share the progress made in reducing our carbon footprint.

One of the biggest things we do to remain carbon neutral in our process, is the continuous effort to reduce our waste and energy consumption levels. To do this, we invest in ensuring that the equipment used in our manufacturing processes are energy efficient. We have also created our own solar farm to feed electricity back into the grid.

To find out more about how Midas Pattern Co. delivers sustainable reaction injection services and how we stand apart from traditional SME businesses, why not get in contact with our team by emailing, or by calling +44 (0)1234 358394.

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Is Reaction Injection Moulding Sustainable?