Prototype Polyurethane RIM Mouldings


All Midas mouldings are fully painted as part of the process and this opens up a whole range of texture and colour options. 

Using rugged two-pack systems (polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy) we can ensure that your end product looks great and is also hard wearing and resistant to chemicals.

At Midas we can match BS4800, RAL and pantone colour codes helping you adhere to corporate colours and family products. 

Flexibility in process means that you can keep the same colour or vary batch to batch to offer specials or higher level versions to customers without having to invest in secondary mould tool designs.

We are often called upon to paint additional sheet metalwork, castings and ancillary components simply to ensure that the colours and finishes of different parts perfectly match, something which is difficult when a number of painters/finishers are involved.

In addition to the high level paint work, Midas can also offer silk screen printing, label and transfer application in-house.

For more information about the finishes possible for our mouldings and toolings, click here or contact us today to find out directly.

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