Prototype Polyurethane RIM Mouldings

Design for Manufacture

Although Midas FASTrimTM is easy and flexible to design for it is important that we maximise the process where possible, especially if tight tolerances are required or you are bringing together complex multipart assemblies. 

At Midas we offer complete support via email, telephone and onsite visits to ensure you produce robust CAD data whilst minimising the impact on your development time.

Our experienced staff will give you all the design advice you need to get your CAD right quickly.

We will give our opinion on all aspects including material suitability, strength, longevity and application as well as parts optimisation and cost reduction techniques.

In addition, we can support your designers with advice on wall thickness, thick/thin sections, undercuts, draft angles, fillet radii, corner radii, boss and rib details, threads and moulded in features, hinges, magnets, labels, screen printing and assembly aspects - in fact everything you need to achieve a successful and economic outcome.

Our partnership begins at the design stage, the sooner we get involved the better and more cost effective the outcome will be.


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