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Flame Retardant Materials

At Midas we only process UL94 V0 certified flame retardant materials meaning that you can ship and sell your products worldwide. 

We can provide datasheets and yellow card certification as required for your quality file to help ensure you can meet all regulations and certification requirements.

A fundamental requirement for FDA (The U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval is a UL94/VO flame retardant rating.

A stringent aspect of our quality management system is the rigorous calibration and auditing of our polyurethane processing equipment and the mixed materials our machines produce. If the formulation, blending and final cure are not correct then the material will not be to manufacturers specification and this could jeopardise its UL rating.

We take this whole issue very seriously indeed and can assure our customers that our materials are processed to the very highest standards and within specification.

UL Definition :-

UL 94, the Standard for Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances includes small scale tests that evaluate the flammability of polymeric (plastic) materials, used for parts in devices and appliances, in response to a small, open flame or radiant heat source under controlled laboratory conditions.  The results of most UL 94 flammability tests are not applicable to materials whose thickness exceeds 13.0 mm, or whose surface area exceeds 1m2.
The UL 94 Standard provides a method for rating the ignition characteristics of plastic materials. Two UL 94 ratings that code officials commonly run across are HB and V (V-0, V-1, or V-2). These ratings are established using small-scale tests in which approximately 5 by ½ inch samples are subject to a ¾ inch, 50W tirrel burner flame ignition source. To achieve a HB rating, test samples, placed horizontally, burn slowly across the sample We frequently receive inquiries from code officials about materials with UL 94 flammability ratings. The nature of the questions vary, but in general they involve whether a product or material with a UL 94 rating such as HB or V-0 is suitable for use in a model code application. 1 For more information visit when the test flame is applied to the end of the sample. To achieve a V rating (e.g. V-2, V-1, or V-0) the test samples, placed vertically with the test flame impinging on the bottom of the sample, must extinguish within specified times, not burning to the top clamp or dripping molten material which ignites a cotton indicator.

Further details on UL 94 requirements can be found on the UL Standards website

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