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RFI Shield Coat

All Midas models and prototype mouldings can be supplied RFI/EMC shield coated in exactly the same way and with the same materials as our production polyurethane mouldings.

We can spray copper, nickel and silver laden paints on required areas/parts to ensure you can meet with your electronic shielding requirements. In addition we can procure and fit a range of proprietary EMC gaskets to help control emissions and conductivity problems.

We take great care when masking our models and prototype mouldings to ensure the coating is applied exactly where it is needed, this ensures correct conductivity and a high quality, neat and tidy appearance.

RFI/EMC Definition :-
Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) includes any undesirable electromagnetic emission or any electrical or electronic disturbance. 
These can be man-made or natural and causes an undesirable response such as malfunctioning or degradation in the performance of electrical equipment. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is any undesirable electrical energy within the frequency range dedicated to radio frequency transmission.
Conducted RFI is most often found in the low frequency range of several kHz to 30MHz.
Radiated RFI is most often found in the frequency range from 30MHz to 10GHz.


To read about this coating in action, as well as other specialist finishes offered by Midas, check out our case studies.

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