Midas Pattern Company Tools and Parts Serve Breakthrough Medical Equipment

The console housing and service trolley (front panel) mould tools and mouldings for a revolutionary new neutral plasma coagulator, are being manufactured by Midas Pattern Company Ltd following a competitive tender process.

The instrument consists of an electronic console mounted on a portable, floor standing service trolley that also houses the argon tank. Central to the success of the unit were the two largest mouldings – the console housing and service trolley front panel. The appointed moulding company tasked with producing these parts had to fulfil many prerequisites, including: the ability to work closely with the client and its design agency; meet strict deadlines; manufacture tooling and moulded components of the highest quality; and, importantly, provide the most competitive quotation. Midas Pattern Company won the contract based on its ability to match these requirements.

To help accelerate the development of its products, the client retains a local Design House as its technical adviser and they have been involved with the client from the outset.

The design company involved had known of Midas Pattern Company since the mid 1990s and had no hesitation in including the Bedford company in a shortlist of companies invited to tender.  All Midas Pattern Company PU mouldings are manufactured using the company’s own, specifically developed ‘metallised’ resin injection moulding (MRIMTM) process. A composite resin mould tool is manufactured directly from a CNC machined master model or pattern: this technique ensures the most complex of forms can be produced accurately and very quickly.

Complex forms can be generated using various coring, side action, and even multi part mould tool techniques. Vertical faces, undercuts, metal inserts, bushes and features that would normally require machining can all be cast into Midas Pattern Company mouldings.

ISO9001:2008 accredited Midas Pattern Company believes that the highest quality rigid polyurethane mouldings can only be produced from tooling of equal quality. By manufacturing accurate, hard wearing tooling Midas Pattern Company can offer ongoing repeatability without mould tool deterioration. In fact the company guarantees its MRIMTM tooling for up to 10 years or 5000 cycles.

This innovation has massive potential but this potential could not be realised without the valuable input of suppliers such as Midas. The technology deployed by Midas Pattern Company and the whole hearted support of the company’s engineers have been of enormous benefit to the client.

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Midas Pattern Company Tools and Parts Serve Breakthrough Medical Equipment Midas Pattern Company Tools and Parts Serve Breakthrough Medical Equipment