MRIM™ Covers Breathe Life into Neo Natal Ventilators

  • Moulded covers designed for two types of neonatal ventilators
  • MRIM tooling process instrumental in securing the client
  • Sleek design adhering to medical regulations

With statistics indicating that the number of premature babies being delivered has increased by approximately 20% in the past 10 years, the development of life-saving neonatal equipment is more important than ever. At Midas, we are happy to have been involved in the production of polyurethane moulding covers for two different types of neonatal ventilators for our client.

Our unique MRIM system entails the manufacture of a composite resin mould tool directly from a CNC-machined master model or pattern, ensuring that even the most complex of forms can be produced accurately, quickly and, above all, very competitively. In doing so, we are able to provide our clients with PU mouldings featuring elements that would normally need to be machined, such as vertical faces, undercuts, metal inserts and bushes. 

After learning about the benefits of MRIM, and completing an onsite visit to ensure we could meet their quality requirements, the medical equipment manufacturer made the decision to use covers supplied by Midas to adorn its market-leading range of neonatal ventilators. Not only were they impressed by the flexibility provided by MRIM, but they also commented on how helpful our team here at Midas were in offering advice regarding cost and quality.

Our clients asked us to manufacture RIM moulding covers for both their 4000 and 5000 ventilators. The 4000 ventilator is the standard conventional neonatal ventilator, featuring touch screen control of ventilation and monitoring modes. Proximal hot wire flow sensor technology ensures sensitivity to even the tiniest of patient breathing efforts, with volume targeting capability to limit and monitor delivered tidal volumes as part of the lung-protective strategy.

The 5000 ventilator, on the other hand, is the gold standard of neonatal ventilators, offering both conventional ventilation and high-frequency oscillation (HFO) ventilation within a single system.You can understand more about the system in our clients video:

The PU moulding covers needed for these neonatal ventilators were comprised of a fascia cover, top cover and side flap, with an initial order of 40 sets a month across both ranges.

Established over 50 years ago, the client has now specialised in the design and manufacture of infant life support equipment for the past 20-25 years, becoming a leading neonatal ventilator manufacturer. With their products being sold directly to NHS trusts and hospitals, as well as overseas, we are very proud to have been involved in the development of these vital and life-saving units.

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MRIM™ Covers Breathe Life into Neo Natal Ventilators MRIM™ Covers Breathe Life into Neo Natal Ventilators