Midas “Tools up” for Revolutionary Medical Screening Equipment

  • PU covers for medical screening devices
  • Experience and collaboration paramount to production
  • One-piece cover for design and practicality

Medical research professionals have for some time sought a fast and cost-effective means of performing urine screening tests. We were approached by a returning client about developing a faster, more compact unit for this purpose. Having worked successfully with the design house to help bring other products to market, the client once again appointed the company to work on this successor product.

The importance of medical screening is paramount, urine screening being no exception. As a common medical practice, there is a huge demand from hospitals, clinics, and laboratories for equipment that can deliver fast and accurate processing times for these tests.

After 15 years of success in this area, our client decided it was time for a change. A creative design agency was tasked with finding competitive quotes for RIM moulding to help reinvent this product, introducing new functionality and increasing cost efficiency. Having worked with us previously, and being aware of our reputation in the manufacture of medical mouldings, we were approached to be a part of this process.

After further collaboration with the client and development of 10-15 initial concepts, we performed a feasibility study on the selected unit’s mechanical engineering. From there we started work on 3D CAD drawings before producing a small number of rapid prototypes, providing the requested quotes for RIM moulding after this.

For hygiene purposes, the product needed smooth wipe-clean surfaces, free from any trapping points such as grooves or recesses. We, therefore, made sure the final design was a single piece casing with a smooth, curved exterior devoid of any visible split lines with air vents at the top which lead to the inclusion of moving parts in the tool.

Midas MRIM™, our unique composite resin tooling system, was used for this because of the flexibility it provides when creating products. With MRIM™, we can easily create complex and versatile mould tools in very short lead-times by using a blend of laminated and cast resins and incorporating areas of CNC machined aluminium and steel where required. This helped us to both develop and produce PU enclosures that met both client and industry standards.

The client was pleased with the initial prototype and selected us to take the product into production, a decision based not only on price, but also our proven track record of quality, service, and reputation.

For more information on our MRIM™ technology, or for how we could help you in your next venture into polyurethane moulding, contact us today.

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Midas “Tools up” for Revolutionary Medical Screening Equipment