Midas Supports Life Saving Cancer Treatment

  • Polyurethane moulding covers for device set to revolutionise cervical cancer screening
  • Optimised for both functionality and patient comfort
  • Multi-award-winning technology

Here at Midas, we are always keen to be involved in the creation of new and innovative products, so when we were approached by Dysis Medical to produce covers for their revolutionary video colposcope we were more than happy to provide our services. Our 30 years of expert knowledge of polyurethane RIM moulding combined with Dysis’ medical expertise allowed us to work together to create this potentially lifesaving device.

The patented Dynamic Spectral Imaging technology created by Dysis Medical’s founder is set to revolutionise the world of cervical cancer diagnosis and staging. It was therefore important for us to create our RIM moulding covers to the highest standard, ensuring these colposcopes can be used in the most efficient and effective way.

With a focus on detecting and diagnosing cervical cancer as early as possible, the system is capable of measuring aceto-whitening automatically, providing an on-screen map of the results rather than requiring the clinician to perform a visual check. The design of the unit also allows for the clinician to easily control the arm of the device whilst simultaneously using the touch screen to quickly access this aceto-whitening map or the onboard patient database.

As this unit was still subject to clinical trials, our Midas MRIM tooling system was ideal to provide a fast and accurate, yet low-cost solution for the client, whilst adhering to all of the necessary medical regulatory requirements. As with all of our products, our skilled team designed and produced the product in-house, providing high quality, UL94-V0 fire safety rated polyurethane mouldings for a set of seven covers for the colposcope.

Our main challenge when designing our covers for the unit was to ensure that its functionality did not impact patient or clinician comfort during sensitive procedures and examinations. As a result, we made sure to consider ergonomic requirements at the forefront of our design, keeping the unit easy to use for clinicians and comfortable for the patients.

This product earned the company NICE approval in 2012, as well as both the Scottish Life Science Award and the Medilink Innovation Award in 2013 for advancement in their field, and has since gone through multiple successful clinical trials in several countries.

To learn more about the Dysis video colposcope, take a look at their overview video, or contact us today to find out how our medical device mouldings could be incorporated within one of your products.

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Midas Supports Life Saving Cancer Treatment Midas Supports Life Saving Cancer Treatment