Midas Tooling and Moulding Expertise Aids Important Liver Transplant Advance

  • Used our MRIM™ process for high-quality polyurethane mouldings
  • Low-cost tooling and moulding for low annual volumes
  • Fully painted in the client’s brand colours

An Oxford-based medical device development company was in need of a reaction injection moulding partner to help complete the manufacture of a device that prolongs the life of livers outside the human body. The device is designed to enable the repair, preservation and objective viability assessment of livers prior to transplantation for up to 24 hours using normothermic oxygenated blood. The client required the production of a panel upon which the device’s plastic disposables would be mounted.

For many years, the storage of livers in an icebox at 4°C has aimed to minimise liver decay. However, despite this technology, liver preservation outside the body remains limited to around 12 hours maximum. A spin-out company from the University of Oxford sought to address this issue by creating a device offering 24-hour preservation that aims to increase the number of livers available for transplant. The human body is mimicked by continuously perfusing at physiological pressures and flows with oxygenated blood at 37°C.

To bring this exciting new concept to reality, the client outsourced many aspects of the device’s manufacture. For the important panel that accommodates many of the device’s plastic disposables, the company’s R&D partner recommended the services of the Midas team thanks to our expertise in RIM moulding. Using our own MRIM™ process, a unique composite resin tooling system, we can create high-quality polyurethane mouldings.

Our MRIM™ process is ideal for parts ranging in size from 210 x 297mm up to 2500 x 1000 x 500mm. The most complex of mould tools can be produced, including vertical faces, undercuts, metal inserts and collapsible cores – all of which are guaranteed for up to 5000 parts. Wall sections can vary in localised areas without the risk of sinking or distortion, so designs for our MRIM™ tooling system can be simple or elaborate.

Due to the low pressures used by the process, minimised distortion is created, making it ideal for multi-part assemblies such as metra™, where fitment build-up is critical.

Working closely with the client, we were able to accurately create the tooling required for the parts before going on to producing the polyurethane mouldings. In addition, the mouldings were supplied to the client fully painted in their desired colour, allowing them to brand the product in their corporate colours. Our huge variety of looks, colours and paint style options open a world of possibilities for our polyurethane mouldings.

MRIM™ is a great solution for any manufacturer looking for professionally moulded parts but with a relatively low annual volume. It’s ideal for those looking to enter the market or create low-cost prototypes. Additionally, the tooling can be amended easily, reducing the need for an extensive prototyping phase.

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Midas Tooling and Moulding Expertise Aids Important Liver Transplant Advance Midas Tooling and Moulding Expertise Aids Important Liver Transplant Advance