High Tech Manufacturer Opts for Midas

  • University spin-out required new polyurethane casing for high-tech product
  • MRIM™ process used due to low-cost and high-quality outcome
  • We achieved a curved front and side tapers thanks to the flexibility of our tooling

A high-tech equipment manufacturer was looking for an experienced company to assist in the development and manufacture of a plastic moulded top cover for a new product. The compact, open-loading tool for plasma etching and deposition required a cover that would be strong, stylish and most of all, cost-effective.

Established over 50 years ago as a university spin-out, the company provides process solutions for the micro and nanometre engineering of materials for semi-conductor, optoelectronics, HBLED, photovoltaics, MEMS/microfluidics, high-quality optical coating and many other applications in micro and nanotechnology. 

The etching and deposition tools produced at the company’s Plasma Technology site are mainly supplied to research and development as well as production facilities worldwide. The development of their new range of tools, aimed at target sectors such as semiconductor electronics, energy and ICT, has helped to strengthen the company’s market position further.

One of the major design requirements was that all moving parts must be covered. To complete the product, the company needed a stylish, cost-effective cover that would compete against a glass-reinforced plastic alternative. The manufacturer approached the team at Midas with their problem knowing that we were best-placed to provide them with a suitable solution. Working alongside an expert design company, we were able to face the challenge head-on and began creating a customer-facing exterior that was both stylish and of high quality.

After some careful research, the company made the decision to use a polyurethane moulding for the product cover. Polyurethane offers the perfect balance between tooling and component cost and is perfect for low annual volumes. At Midas, we are specialists in RIM moulding and were able to offer a wealth of expertise for the project. Our RIM moulding solution halved the cost of the production while closely adhering to shape requirements and weight restrictions of a lift-up component. Additionally, the RIM moulding process offers accurate repeatability, another bonus for such an important product.

The cover measures around 800 x 800mm with a curved front, various side features and a number of tapers, all possible thanks to our RIM moulding process. With the tooling committed, other details such as the required paint finish and the incorporation of a screen-printed logo were finalised.

The overall look of the polyurethane cover has been well received and fits perfectly with the full product. We were more than happy working on this exciting project and the client were also impressed with our technical input.

If you’re looking for the help of a RIM moulding expert, get in touch with Midas today on 01234 358394.

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High Tech Manufacturer Opts for Midas