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Midas on the international professional engineering stage

Energy switching, zero fossil fuels, solar and woodland partnerships, coupled with a change in diet and travel, can all make a significant difference to CO2 emissions, and they also help a company to save and make more money, that was the message Midas manging director Alan Rance endeavoured to deliver to delegates at the World Foundry Summit, held in New York in May 2022. A message he delivered by video to prevent unnecessary damage to the planet caused by flight travel.

We live in a digitally advanced world which means we can still deliver our messages and engage with colleagues in a responsible way. The World Foundry Summit brought CEOs from the international metal casting sector together to debate how they can help to re-shape the industry for a successful future.

Midas is delighted with the response to Alan’s presentation, which outlined our journey to Net Zero and our commitment to take responsibility for our carbon and for our customers’ carbon. We have had a great deal of positive feedback from delegates at the event, and we have shared the video with them along with an offer of advice to help them in their own journeys to reverse the damage to our planet.

We would like to thank the World Foundry Organization ( for inviting us to be a part of the prestigious World Foundry Summit to help professional cast metals engineers, fellow manufacturers, and OEMs from the UK, Europe and the Americas understand the often simple steps that can be taken when embarking on a carbon reduction programme. Steps that can speed up the journey and have a positive commercial impact.

The more we share our message with fellow industrialists, the faster we can make a greater difference to reversing the effects of climate change. What better way than to make a presentation to some of the world’s leading CEOs in the global metal casting sector?

Watch the World Foundry Summit presentation by Alan Rance here:

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Midas on the international professional engineering stage