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Midas Installs Solar Panels across both Factory Roofs

As part of our 2020 #MidasGreenInitiative plans, we can proudly announce that the installation of 100% Solar Panel (PV) coverage on both factory roofs has commenced. 

A tough decision during these unprecedented times, however, this massive investment continues to demonstrate our intention to take the business forward in the greenest and most responsible way possible. It also shows our active commitment to reduce our Carbon Footprint as we work towards becoming ‘Process Carbon Neutral’.

The array being installed will comprise of 650 x 360w panels that can potentially yield 187,000Kwh per year, equating to approximately 32% of Midas' annual power usage.


Benefits to Midas from installing solar power:

  • Each unit of power generated by our own ‘solar power station’ will cost 1/3rd of our current energy costs (all fuels) - a price that is fixed for the life of the panels (guaranteed for 30 years: life expectancy >60 years).


  • Once asset costs are covered, the fact that our own power is 1/3rd of the cost of National Grid power means our solar power station drives down overhead costs and helps to generate profits.


  • Midas will now draw 1/3rd less power from our current 100% green provider, meaning excess power is available for other people to use across the country


  • Our prime location on the corner of Shuttleworth Road and Caxton Road in Bedford means our installation will be visible to plenty of through traffic that use the Elms Farm Industrial area. We hope that our very visible PV installation will inspire others to follow our lead and become greener and save themselves money


  • Midas will consume approximately 80% of the power generated but any surplus green power that we simply can't use during the evenings and on Sundays will be fed back into the grid for general use across the country.


  • The excess green energy we are able to export back into the National Grid will essentially provide Midas with 'Carbon Credit', helping to offset the CO2 emmisions of our company van. Our long-term ambition is to run an electric van, but until a suitable vehicle is available, this 'Carbon Offsetting' is the 'next best' option.


If you are interested in how Photovoltaic panels (PV) / Solar canopies can help you and your business reduce your Carbon Foot Print AND save money, why not get in touch with Lancashire based, Centreco UK Ltd who have helped Midas massively with design guidance, financial support and providing a full turnkey service.

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Midas Installs Solar Panels across both Factory Roofs Midas Installs Solar Panels across both Factory Roofs