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Midas 2020: Forging the Way to Become Carbon Neutral

100% Carbon Neutral Goal                    

At the end of last year we said that Green was the new orange.  We were not wrong!  At Midas we are making enormous leaps forward to reach our goal of carbon neutrality,  indeed our ‘process’ is on track to be carbon neutral by mid-2020.

Our intention was, and always will be to do as much as we possibly can to reduce our impact on climate change and encourage and educate our staff, customers and suppliers to do the same whenever we can.


To date we have eradicated all plastic based packaging, we use NO single use plastics at all and all our paper and card is recycled and used on-site. Our brand-new variable speed compressor has reduced our energy consumption significantly and allowed us to save in the region of 50 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Our electricity is 100% wind-generated with 100% LED lighting factory wide, topped off with a BPChargeMaster Dual FastCharge charging point for our Midas employees and visitors.

Midas 2020 - Green Phase II

Our next phase of ‘greening’ the process and our factories has been introducing green/recycling waste bins, starch based paper cups and the removal of all black bin liners.  Small things you might think BUT all these small changes have culminated in 50% less waste and our recycling skip (zero landfill certificated) only warrants one lorry journey to empty it every fortnight now, instead of every week.

We are going ahead with 100% coverage of our largest factory in Solar Panels – another indicator of our commitment to take Midas forward in the greenest way possible.  We currently use 100% green electricity and with the solar panels in place we will now be able to release a 1/3rd of the electricity we currently buy - freeing it up for other users.  This will also allow us to fix a 1/3rd of our electricity costs forever!

Our next challenge is to secure a contract to supply Midas with 100% BioGas – no small feat in itself.  At the moment our supply is 10% BioGas/90% carbon offset natural gas but we are now in negotiation’s to utilise 100% Green BioGas; once secured this will set us onto the path of 100% carbon neutrality.

We know that part of our manufacturing process will always use ‘earth chemistry’ and so firmly believe that in order to be truly responsible we must be able to justify using these materials on the basis that our products are long-lasting, multi-use, recyclable and life enhancing, particularly relevant when enshrouding Medical and Analytical equipment

So, our journey has one goal - to be carbon neutral at any cost.  We want to be in control of our impact on the environment and we have had superb results in a very short space of time – not only for the environment but for our financial security as well. Our ‘Green’ expenditure has been significant BUT we have already achieved cost savings, will benefit from on-going cost stability and potential further savings whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

Being green does not have to cost the earth. 

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Midas 2020: Forging the Way to Become Carbon Neutral