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Going Green with Renewable Energy Consumption at Midas

As we continue on our environmental mission, energy consumption and where that energy is sourced from, has become our next focus.

Investigating renewable energy sources was much easier then we initially thought and with contracts signed we are proud to say by October 2019 all electricity coming in to Midas will be sourced from 100% renewable and fully certified sources. This goes hand in hand with reducing our overall energy consumption with all our other activities as well.

In addition to business energy, Midas’ MD Alan Rance has personally made it his mission to encourage as many employees to consider their personal impact on the environment.

After making the personal decision to switch to BULB, who provide customers with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro sources (and 100% carbon offset gas), he put forward a staff initiative to encourage take up.  To date, this has been incredibly successful with 16 employees benefitting from typically lower bills as well as positively contributing to their own green credentials.

How are you reducing your manufacturing impact - we would love to hear your green success stories.

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Going Green with Renewable Energy Consumption at Midas