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Exciting Announcement - Midas moves over to 100% Bio Gas

Midas 2020 - Green Phase 2:

We are very proud to annouce that as of 12th March, both gas and electricity coming into Midas is now 100% green.  

Making the switch to 'green' electricity is pretty easy nowadays with the likes of Ecotricity and Bulb offering wind/solar/tidal power to the consumer but the switch to a 'Green Gas' is a much more challenging prospect.  Bio-gas or biomethane is the only genuine option to avoid gas carbon emissions rather than just compensating by carbon offsetting but is on short supply and typically only available for commerical use.  For this reason we are super proud to annouce that Midas has been able to secure a 3 year fixed contract with Crown Gas and Power to source 100% of all its gas usage from Biogas, fully certified from the farm which will supply it.

BioGas Benefits

  • Produced from organic materials, biomethane is a clean energy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality.
  • Reduces our relience on fossil fuel gas.
  • It has properties similar to natural gas and can be used as heating, electricity and fuel.
  • No need to replace exisiting heating equipment thus avoiding increased Carbon Footprint and avoids costly expenditure on new equipment.
  • Biogas allows the recovery of waste and reduces use of chemical fertilizers: methanization makes it possible to transform 95% of waste into fertilizers, with a beneficial effect on the soil. This also reduces CO2 emissions related to the manufacture of chemical fertilizers (1 kg of chemical fertilizer generates 7 kg of CO2 emissions).
  • Supports British farms and our rual economy.

This move to BioGas will certainly play a significant part in our goal of achieving a Factory Carbon Neutral environment by Summer!

You can find more about BioGas here  or get in tough with Crown Gas and Power  to see if you can switch.

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Exciting Announcement - Midas moves over to 100% Bio Gas