Midas Enables Digital Viewing on the Go

  • Rugged design required to pass stringent TfL safety requirements
  • Dynamic advertising platform designed to withstand day-to-day scenarios
  • Sleek design and black gloss paint complemented the cab’s exterior

Midas has key experience in the automotive industry, working alongside companies across the UK. Our recent collaboration with design experts JEDCo Ltd and installers RDS Ltd resulted in the production of quality media outlets for use across some of the UK’s busiest cities.

It’s common knowledge that a typical London cab spends a lot of time travelling at slow speeds throughout highly populated areas. Congestion, pedestrians and the general hustle-and-bustle of city life slows down traffic considerably and it’s for these reasons that the TXi-Media Pod was developed.

Serving as a dynamic advertising platform, the pods were designed to both fully integrate with the shape and style of an iconic Black Cab whilst still meeting very stringent technical criteria set by The Transport of London (TfL). The TXI-Media Pod sits conveniently on the cab’s roof and can display real-time metrics or rotating adverts depending on local events or directed towards specific audiences.

Once the project was underway, our team communicated directly with other contractors to ensure all aspects of the design, assembly and installation were fully considered prior to any tooling manufacture.

Critical areas of discussion included ensuring the interfaces between the taxi roof, moulding surfaces and assembly fixing points were able to prevent damage to the pod and its LCD screen. A tight seal had to be formed to prevent water ingress and provide enough strength to ensure the pod would stay fixed to the roof throughout day-to-day circumstances.

We also focused on the angle of the screens to provide the optimum viewing position for the public, aiming to avoid reflections and glare - an aspect which resulted in some challenging tooling construction.

Once designs had been finalised, the team at Midas got to work producing the casing for the outer-housing. Our polyurethane RIM moulding process ensured the casings were suitable for all weather conditions. We also finished the product with black glossy paint to match the rest of the cab, resulting in a sleek addition to the vehicle’s roof.

To date, there are 100 Black Cabs fitted with the TXi-Media Pod, each one updating London commuters and shoppers with the latest deals and events.

If you have similar requirement the team would love to hear from you, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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