Midas Pattern Company Shines Ray of Light on Solar Bus Stop Project

  • Midas chosen to improve over 18,000 bus stops across London
  • MRIM™ provide cost-effective solution
  • In-house tooling for fast, accurate results

When a project to help improve over 18,000 London bus stops was bought to Midas, we knew we had to get involved. The contractor was looking to add innovative solar power features to the signage network that complemented the rest of the bus stop design without being visually obtrusive.

The new design featured a solar panel mounted on a discreet canopy that fitted on top of the existing bus stop pole. Timetables were designed to illuminate on demand via the press of a button and would remain bright for 20 seconds at a time helping to reserve stored power, while low-level light kept the timetable visible throughout the night.

One of the biggest requirements for the project was for the products to be robust, durable and weatherproof. As we specialise in polyurethane mouldings and have established our own MRIM™ process, it was clear why our specialist team had the necessary skills to complete this high-profile project.

Using our own in-house tool making facilities we could ensure the most complex of forms were produced accurately, quickly and, most importantly, at a competitive price.

After manufacturing a set of tooling, we initially started with two small production runs of the canopy and tray components – firstly 50-off, then 170-off. It was at this point TfL invested in a second set of tooling to optimise production and ensured manufacturing continued without fail. Our MRIM™ tooling is hard-wearing and all tools are guaranteed for up to 10 years or 5000 cycles.

In the first 5 years of the project, it was proposed that 7,000 of the 18,000 bus stops across London would be upgraded with the new casings from Midas. Once complete, the project will give London the biggest network of solar bus stops in the world.

Such has been the reaction to the design of the new bus stops that it has even received a Commendation from the Royal Fine Art Commission, a Lighting Design Award for Sustainability and has been exhibited at the London Design Museum and RIBA.

In a new development, the primary contractor has extended its solar power bus stop range with the addition of an LED solar illuminated flag down lighter system. The bus stop lights up automatically at dusk, illuminating clearly the bus stop flag and providing a welcoming pool of light around the bus stop base. We have once again been chosen as the supplier for this high-profile project due to the success of the last contract. 

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Midas Pattern Company Shines Ray of Light on Solar Bus Stop Project Midas Pattern Company Shines Ray of Light on Solar Bus Stop Project