Flexible Rubber Prototypes for Specialist Floor Mats

  • Midas’ own FLEXrim™ process developed for flexible rubber prototypes
  • Low-cost solution with reduced lead times
  • Accurate prototype for fitment and aesthetic purposes

When specialist vehicle manufacturers JCB required a prototype solution for their new flexible rubber floor mats, they came to us at Midas knowing we would be able to help.

Standard production methods usually require costly and high-risk investment into metal tooling, especially when the customer is looking for a one-off prototype to test a new design.

On the other hand, typical prototyping processes cannot accommodate large-scale projects, such as that of the JCB rubber floor mat. With a size of 1.8m by 1.5m, the project demanded something different.

At Midas, we have developed FLEXrim™, a rubber prototyping process suitable for applications such as truck floormats and over-moulded parts. Our FLEXrim™ process allowed us to produce a low-cost ‘A’ surface tool which we used to cast an elastomeric polyurethane material for the flexible moulding.

By producing ‘A’ surface tooling we were able to keep the cost of the project low. The process allowed us to produce only the outer visual surfaces, while the thickness was controlled by the pouring process. Once cured, we painted the floor mat with a flexible textured paint to represent the final design.

Using our FLEXrim™ process, we were able to complete the prototype quickly and efficiently, resulting in a very happy client. The process allowed JCB to accurately test the end result in terms of fit and aesthetics without having to commit to full production costs.

As expected, the client was pleased with the outcome and went on to run a full production of the new design. If you’re looking for a reliable rubber prototyping process for your next design, please get in touch with a member of our team. 

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Flexible Rubber Prototypes for Specialist Floor Mats Flexible Rubber Prototypes for Specialist Floor Mats