Adjustable Checking Fixtures Reduce Costs by Nearly 50%

  • One fixture needed for two automotive pipe varieties
  • Adjustable system design allowed more flexibility
  • Long-life products built to last

The automotive industry is very demanding and the products needed to keep vehicles running have to be manufactured with extreme precision.

We have worked with the automotive industry on a number of different projects, including the manufacturing of pipe checking fixtures for a variety of automotive pipe suppliers.

For one of our projects, we were commissioned to create a fixture that would suit two variations of the same pipe, without incurring major costs. Our client’s pipe designs differed by just 15mm with an extension in the centre of the pipe, although this still meant that the same fixture could not be used for both.

To avoid making two separate fixtures, which would prove costly, our technicians and engineers developed an adjustable system that could be used for both variations.

By making the baseplate in two separate sections and creating precision guides under that plate, we could easily extend or reduce the overall length of the fixture by incorporating a simple clamp mechanism.

After submitting a 3D CAD file to the client, we made minor adjustments according to their suggestions and began manufacturing the product.

The clamping method barely added any extra time to the design and manufacturing process, saving our client approximately half the cost of producing two separate fixtures. When taking into account the quality of materials and level of expertise our engineers provide, Midas can offer great value in all areas of production.

Our products are developed with longevity in mind, so you can rely on Midas for a range of automotive projects. Contact us today for more information on how we can help to move your project forward.

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Adjustable Checking Fixtures Reduce Costs by Nearly 50% Adjustable Checking Fixtures Reduce Costs by Nearly 50%