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Low Cost Tooling for Polypropylene Diesel Tank

  • Complex processes involving multiple rotational mould tools
  • Cost-effective project to meet the customer requirements
  • Challenging project with a successful outcome

A manufacturer of polypropylene diesel tanks was looking for a tooling partner to help them deliver their newest project. Their main concerns were lead times and cost, two factors we are accustomed to dealing with.

To help reduce overall costing, we advised using cast aluminium tooling as it was likely the client would require four or five tools for the project. We also suggested manufacturing precision CNC-machined patterns in order to produce the low-cost aluminium sand castings for a high-quality end result.

Once the sand castings arrived, we CNC-machined all the joint faces, dowel positions, apertures and hole positions. Our engineers then built a robust steel framework that aligned the three sliding side sections and provided mounting for the tool clamping system

The sliding mechanism, complete with brass rollers, was designed and manufactured in-house. This ensured that the moulder could cycle the tool as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that the tool sides remained safe and undamaged during the de-moulding process

With a fixed base, loose lid and 3 sliding sections, this precision tooling incorporated brass and steel thread formers, steel mating faces to prevent wear and PTFE bushes to create moulded holes. Finished with a 550-grade shot-peened surface and polished and CNC-engraved nameplates, this is a good example of our high-end tool making capabilities.

The pictures across illustrate how we are able to manufacture very complex cast aluminium rotational mould tools. Measuring over 1m in all dimensions, the tool used for the diesel tank was large in size as well as complex in structure.

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Low Cost Tooling for Polypropylene Diesel Tank Low Cost Tooling for Polypropylene Diesel Tank