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Precision Foundry Patternmaking for the Rail Industry

  • Highly accurate and hard-wearing tooling required by the customer
  • Quick project turnaround from design to delivery
  • Intricate and innovative methods used

When a leading UK precision sand foundry needed quality tooling in a hurry, they chose to partner with us. It’s our industry-leading knowledge and experience that allows us to deliver intricate PU moulding projects at affordable prices.

We may be biased, but for a successful casting, the project begins with the foundation of a good pattern. When a long-term customer approached us with a challenging time scale to design and manufacture hardwearing production pattern equipment for its box-less moulding line, we couldn’t say no.

Our CAD engineers took the finished machined file, added draft and machining to it and proceeded to design the sand mould and pattern equipment within our CAD software. Once our patternmakers had approved the CAD design, it was submitted to the customer for their approval. After a couple of modifications to the runner system, we were able to begin CNC machining.

As the tooling had to be highly accurate and hard wearing, we selected a 1.2g/cc density tooling board for the casting detail, double thickness boards and frames and steel strickle faces. We lightened out the bulk of the pattern to keep weight down whilst ensuring the pattern would withstand the rigours of the sand moulding process. Another concern of the project was that the delicate edges of the numerous loose pieces (approximately 16 in each corebox) would be easily damaged, so this also needed to be addressed.

Several of our CNC machinists and numerous CNC machines were employed to ensure that all of the components could be machined simultaneously in order to keep lead time to a minimum.

As the patterns and coreboxes rolled off the machining centres, our traditional patternmakers manufactured the boards and frames and brought the parts together creating very high quality, complex equipment. With the runner system painted, the frames smooth lacquered and the casting detail sanded to a very fine finish, the quality finish of the sand pack was guaranteed.

Manufactured In a little under three weeks from start to delivery, this suite of high-quality pattern equipment performed perfectly and our customer remained very happy.

Contact us on +44 (0)1234 358394 for all your pattern-making needs. We’re your trusted polyurethane moulding partner.

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Precision Foundry Patternmaking for the Rail Industry Precision Foundry Patternmaking for the Rail Industry