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Case Studies

Marine & Transportation

Marine & Transportation

Low Cost Tooling for Polypropylene Diesel Tank

These pictures illustrate how Midas can manufacture very complex cast aluminium rotational mouldtools

Measuring over 1 metre in all dimensions the tool was large as well as complex

Our customer needed the cost benefits of cast aluminium tooling because it was likely that four or five tools...

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Precision Foundry Patternmaking for the Rail Industry

When a leading UK precision sand foundry needed quality tooling in a hurry they came to Midas for support.

We’ve always said it, and we know we’re biased, but you can’t make a good casting without a good pattern. A long term customer needed us to design and manufacture...

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Cast Rotational Mould Tool for a Fuel Tank

This is a medium size cast aluminium rotational mould tool.

Our foundry patternmaking background ensures we have all the skills that are necessary to make the finest cast aluminium tooling, namely CAD, CAM, CNC patternmaking, casting procurement, machining, fabrication, welding, precision...

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Offshore Crew Transfer Safer than ever With Help from Midas

Truro-based manufacturer of safe, high quality, crew transfer technology for the offshore industry, is enjoying the benefits of rotational moulds produced by Midas Pattern Company. The tooling is being used successfully to create the first in a new generation of marine crew transfer capsules, the...

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