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Cast Rotational Mould Tool for a Fuel Tank

  • Application-specific designed tooling
  • In-house capabilities
  • High-quality products

Our foundry patternmaking background ensures we have the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to make the finest cast aluminium rotational tooling. We specialise in CAD, CAM, CNC patternmaking, casting procurement, machining, fabrication, welding, precision engineering and fitting.

We are often requested to design and develop rotational mould tools for the marine and transportation industry and have experience working on small, medium and large projects. The fuel tank shown is a quality example of a 1.5m3 tool developed for a client who needed to include frame-to-frame clamping brass thread formers, steel and brass insert holders and a shot-peened finish.

At Midas, we had the tools and expertise to manage the entire project from design to completion.

All tools are designed within our own CAE department to suit precise specifications, and close liaison between our engineers and CAD designers ensures customer satisfaction. Our in-house capabilities mean we are able to offer our customers the complete package at a competitive price.

We use the highest quality precision sand castings and ensure all joint faces, dowel locations and insert positions are carefully CNC machined. Our capabilities allow us to supply cast tools with commercially smooth, shot-blasted or shot-peened finishes.

Contact us on +44 (0)1234 358394 for all your pattern-making needs. We’re your trusted polyurethane moulding partner.

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Cast Rotational Mould Tool for a Fuel Tank Cast Rotational Mould Tool for a Fuel Tank