Foundry Tooling for Helicopter Turbine Housing

  • A complex set of foundry pattern equipment
  • Reverse engineered the product using old 2D drawings
  • 10 weeks from start to finish

With extensive capabilities in CAD design and CNC machining Midas Pattern Company can create a range of unique casings for the aerospace industry.

When a client came to us needing foundry tooling for helicopter turbine housing units we knew we had the knowledge to complete the job on site. The project included creating a complex set of foundry pattern equipment which would provide a base on which to manufacture 3mm wall section magnesium turbine castings for helicopters.

With nothing to work from except old 2D paper-based engineering drawings, we used our expertise in reverse engineering to generate a 3D CAD model to help complete the project. From this detailed CAD model our engineers were then able to program CNC machine to produce a realistic prototype of the pattern equipment.

For this particular project we chose to use 0.7 density polyurethane tooling board in order to prove the design and functionality of the running and gating system.

Once the tooling foundry had proven that the running system was perfect our traditional patternmakers plasticised the entire cast detail in hard-wearing epoxy resin.

From start to finish, including the validation of the casting methods used throughout, the engineers at Midas took 10 weeks to complete this complex project. The result was a set of high-quality and reliable helicopter turbine housing units suitable for the demanding environment of the aerospace industry.

With over 35 years’ experience in the tooling industry, we were able to advise our client on the best methods to meet their exact requirements. If you have a project that needs the professionalism and experience of a company like Midas, call us on 01234 358394 to discuss your ideas further. 

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Foundry Tooling for Helicopter Turbine Housing Foundry Tooling for Helicopter Turbine Housing