Midas Pattern Company Helps to Upgrade Plane Interiors

Although renowned for high-quality laboratory equipment and MedTec devices, polyurethane moulding can also be used in more demanding environments due to its strength and easily maintainable features.

When a large aircraft supplier came to Midas needing robust flooring and shrouds to replace those currently in the aeroplane toilets, we were quick to provide a cost-effective quality solution. Using our specialised RIM moulding process, we provided high-quality parts at a low-cost compared to the original OEM aftersales options.

Our design team partnered with the client to develop replacement parts for the aircraft toilets paying close attention to critical weight limits and quality assurance regulations. We manufactured all replacement parts using UL94 V0 flame retardant polyurethane painted with water-based paint, making them safe to fly.

At Midas, we manufactured both the flooring and shrouds, ensuring complete representation and accuracy of the brand. Our precise manufacturing methods guaranteed that the parts would fit perfectly into the available space, matching the rest of the aircraft interior to provide a consistent style throughout.

By choosing Midas to help update their aircraft interiors, our client knew they would receive exceptional products alongside with great customer care.

The team loves to take on a challenging project and nothing is too difficult. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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Midas Pattern Company Helps to Upgrade Plane Interiors Midas Pattern Company Helps to Upgrade Plane Interiors