Experts in Med-Tech Device Mouldings

As pioneers of our own RIM moulding and tooling techniques, we have the expertise needed to work within the Med-Tech industry. At Midas, we understand the level of detail that must go into every project and take pride in our quality control processes, which have enabled us to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation.

Med-Tech devices are often subject to intense regulatory requirements and with our wealth of knowledge from working within the industry, we are confident we have the skills and expertise to ensure product consistency, process control, traceability and record retention.

By taking advantage of our own moulding processes, including FASTrim™ and Midas MRIM™, we can work to volumes of up to 2000 parts per annum if required. Many of our customers require much less than this, and as specialists in low-volume moulding, we can offer a cost-effective service for under 100 parts per annum- perfect for new innovations and bringing products to market.

The harsh environments that Med-Tech devices are often placed within are an important factor when it comes to the finish used on the instrument enclosure. All of our devices are painted with industry-standard products, providing UV stability and chemical protection for laboratory use. Our Med-Tech mouldings are able to withstand a plethora of cleaning products ensuring they are safe for use in hospitals, operating theatres and medical laboratories, where sanitation is of utmost importance.

At Midas, we also understand the importance of an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality finish, as many of our scientific mouldings will be used to cover equipment costing anywhere between £50K and £1m, if not more.

We’ve worked on numerous Med-Tech projects including diagnostic machines, benchtop analysers, genomics, DNA sampling and mass spectroscopy to name a few and are ready to take on your next challenge. Why not browse through some of our case studies for more insight or organise a visit to Midas to see first-hand the technology we use?

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