Leading the Way in Medical Mouldings

The medical market is extremely diverse and requires highly technical equipment to ensure patients are treated in the safest possible way. At Midas, we specialise in the prototyping and creation of medical mouldings. We understand the precision that must go into every single panel, cover or casing and use state-of-the-art technology to produce such devices.

We’ve worked alongside numerous medical companies to help create MRI devices, dialysis machines, ventilators, chemotherapy and organ transplant systems to name just a few. Our wealth of experience gives our customers the confidence that their product will be 100% suitable for market.

Using either our FASTrim™ or MRIM processes, we can create prototypes for product pitches or exhibitions as well as ready-to-use products. Our low volume, high quality approach makes us the ideal partner for those looking to produce approximately 2000 parts per annum.

Our ability to produce small handheld instrument covers, through to large floor-mounted plastic mouldings gives us the flexibility to work on a variety of projects. Our precise manufacturing techniques allow for the moulding and constructing of multiple panels which is only possible when strict tolerances are adhered to.

Midas only uses flame-retardant materials and continuously keeps up-to-date with the medical industry’s rules and regulations to ensure products are fully validated for their intended use.

For more information on our experience with medical device casings, have a read through our medical case studies or get in touch.