Rotational Mould Tools from Midas Help Create New Sea-Faring Kayak

  • Rotational mould tooling required for contour design
  • Leak protection was an essential element of the final product
  • Short lead times were required to get the product to market

An adventure equipment designer and manufacturer was looking to partner with a rotational mould specialist to help create their newest product – a dual-purpose kayak suitable for solo fishing and family trips alike.

Established over 25 years ago, Fatyak is accustomed to creating specialist sports equipment. Their new product was envisioned to sit at the top end of the market and the company worked closely with their design partners to create the Mahee. The client chose to use rotational moulding due to the resulting components being far more suitable for demanding applications than other production techniques. Strength and size play a key part in the Mahee’s design, making rotational moulding even more desirable.

Fatyak understood that aluminium tooling would be the best option for their intricate design, which included a precisely contoured shape. Their own steel tooling facilities were unable to produce what they needed so they went looking for a specialist aluminium tooling manufacturer.

At Midas, we had the expertise that Fatyak was looking for. The Fatyak Mahee had been designed as a one-piece product, eliminating seams and joints through the moulded-in aspect of all fixtures and fittings. Unsurpassed leak protection was the key aim and by using a rotational mould specialist such as Midas, Fatyak was able to create exactly what they wanted.

The client was keen to avoid a compromise in performance, comfort or additional features while staying within a reasonable budget, and the key was to retain the highest degree of stiffness, lightness and leak protection. Our expertise in multi-part rotational tooling - which can include complex thread forms, loose pieces and sliding actions - meant we could easily produce the tooling required for the Mahee.

We were able to meet the short lead times requested by the client at a competitive price and were duly commissioned to produce the two halves of the rotational mould tools to be delivered to the client’s premises. The first-off highly durable polyurethane kayak made from the tooling was correct to drawing; a credit to all involved. The product is now on the market, with the company predicting 650 sales per annum.

For more information on rotational mould tooling, or to discuss your project in more detail call the team at Midas on +44 (0)1234 358394.

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Rotational Mould Tools from Midas Help Create New Sea-Faring Kayak Rotational Mould Tools from Midas Help Create New Sea-Faring Kayak