Midas Support Thermal Compression Technology for Elite Sports Training

  • Moulded enclosure needed for high-end sports therapy equipment
  • Sleek and stylish design while remaining practical
  • Low annual volumes perfect for MRIM™ process

A UK-based innovative medical technology company is leading the way in thermal compression treatment to help accelerate soft-tissue repair following injury in elite sports training. After more than 10 years of extensive research, the company is now able to provide an excellent toolkit for the professional physiotherapists including cryotherapy, thermotherapy and compression.

The company has designed a stylish unit that delivers bespoke, precision-controlled and optimised treatments to accelerate the recovery of athletes with soft-tissue injuries. It also has the added benefit of capturing treatment details to enable clinical analysis.

The high-tech unit required a solid and secure moulded enclosure that would protect the inner components while remaining sleek and sophisticated, so the company contacted Midas knowing we had the skills and expertise to deliver exactly what they wanted.

With annual volumes expected to be in the low hundreds, Midas MRIM™ was chosen as the best moulding process for the project. This cost-effective solution is capable of delivering a high-gloss finish and can be covered in a range of paint colours and textures to optimise corporate branding. The bold design statement was highly important for our client as they pushed to target elite athletes including professional footballers.

The Midas MRIM™ moulding process enables very complex forms to be produced accurately, quickly and very competitively. The process is perfect for medical mouldings and other high-end lifestyle products due to its ability to keep within strict tolerances. Midas MRIM™ also benefits from the ability to produce mouldings with vertical faces, undercuts, metal inserts, bushes and features that would normally need to be machined. The tooling itself can also be modified at relatively low cost with little difficulty allowing the client to update and adapt their designs.

The unit’s enclosure was successfully manufactured using our proved processes and the compression technology system was able to go into full production.




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Midas Support Thermal Compression Technology for Elite Sports Training Midas Support Thermal Compression Technology for Elite Sports Training