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Foundry Pattern Making

Midas began its journey in 1989 manufacturing high quality pattern equipment for local foundries and to this day we still offer the same high quality service to a wider range of customers. 

Whether you are looking for prototype pattern equipment in very short lead-times or hard wearing production tooling we can support you.

Over the years we have completed many projects for many products involving foundry pattern making, including helicopter turbine housing units!

We combine traditional patternmaking expertise with the latest CADCAM and CNC techniques to produce very accurate pattern equipment in short lead-times. 

We specialise in producing patterns for highly complex, thin-walled automotive and scientific castings in light alloys including aluminium and magnesium

We can produce CAD models from your old 2D drawings if required and can look after all aspects of casting modification and tooling/pattern design within our CAD office.

If required we can assist with the procurement and supply of castings along with heat treatment, impregnation and machining.

We can offer most types of surface finish, coating and testing, this can be ideal if you need cast parts to match with Midas mouldings. Remember if Midas paint your mouldings and castings they will definitely match!

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