RIM Moulding

Midas are RIM moulding specialists operating right across the UK. With over 30 years’ experience, our award-winning team works to the highest standards of quality, design and customer service to deliver anything from prototype mouldings right through to high volume PU moulding solutions. We are proud to offer our unique composite tooling, which allows us to provide cost-effective yet high-quality solutions, tailor-made for each of our customers.

What is RIM moulding?

RIM or Reaction Injection Moulding is the result of a reaction between two liquid components as they are injected into a closed mould at a low pressure. This process involves cold casting, using two-component materials isocyanate and polyol. The reaction here increases the temperature and the pressure at the tool’s surface and this forms polyurethane, although alternatives such as polyesters and epoxies can also be processed through this method.

Polyurethane moulding (PU moulding) can be used to develop a wide range of parts with particular properties and performance requirements. Our technology ensures that precision, quality parts are created to meet specific customer requirements, every time.

What are the benefits of RIM moulding?

RIM moulding offers greater freedom in your design with less compromise needed to be made on additional components, thanks to the versatility of the product you can achieve. Parts as heavy as 30kg can be manufactured as a single item; this reduces the need for constructing multiple components with complicated joints.

An ideal process for the manufacture of large parts, Reaction Injection Moulding offers a dynamic solution when multi-assembly parts are required to fit seamlessly. A single one-off part or prototypes with rapid turn-around times can also be supported using this method. The key benefit to this process is the flexibility that it offers. With manageable costs to suit market demands, using low-cost tooling and short orders, you don’t need to worry about expensive costs or excessive wastage.

Where can RIM moulding be used?

The parts that are created through RIM moulding can be used across a variety of industries and sectors, from medical to marine and transportation and everything in between. These dynamic parts can play a crucial role in these industries where reliability and durability can be life-saving.

Working in the medical industry to provide cancer support components or specialist vehicle bonnets for the automotive sector, RIM moulding can create precision parts that offer structure and confidence when it counts.

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