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Using Reaction Injection Moulding at Midas Pattern Company

Reaction Injection Moulding or RIM moulding is becoming very prominent in the world around us. Compared with standard injection moulding, RIM uses a mixture of two liquid plastics to produce a chemical reaction resulting in heat forming within the mould. As the mixture cools and the chemical reaction completes, a strong robust plastic product is formed. The process does not require the same manual heating and cooling of the plastics as conventional injection moulding methods and therefore production costs are drastically reduced. Here at Midas we can offer small batches of 1-10 off’s but tooling has a lifetime guarantee of 5000 off parts so you can get the most out of the tools.

This cost-effective process helps to drastically decrease tooling investment costs, which we have eagerly passed on to our loyal customers. We have been perfecting RIM for over 25 years and our unique process has earned us the title of the UK’s leading low volume RIM supplier. We use our experiences to ensure your products are of a standard suitable for specific requirements.

The reaction injection moulding process produces such robust plastics that our company has been selected for many projects within the aerospace and medical industries, amongst others. Our process allows for greater flexibility when it comes to design and therefore it is possible to appeal to more clients worldwide.

Midas has been supplying neonatal ventilator plastic enclosures for a medical equipment manufacturer since 2007. It was instantly noticeable how much difference our RIM process made to the quality of the product and the medical manufacturers were pleasantly surprised. Changes to the ventilator covers were made quickly and efficiently providing a smooth transition from old to new.

The rate of premature babies being born is increasing and therefore the production of state-of-the-art medical equipment to improve the chances of survival is vital. Here at Midas we are delighted to be able to supply plastic enclosures, such as these, to such an important sector.  

We also provide RIM products for luxury uses, such as television screen casings within the aerospace industry. As expected, luxury products within the aircraft have to adhere to very strict production rules and regulations in terms of material and finish. It is important that all products within an aircraft are of a high-quality so they do not break easily, as well as being fire-retardant.

Here at Midas, all of our plastic enclosures are made using the RIM process and observe these regulations. For this specific project, we were able to provide a specialist finishing service to ensure the surface standard was as expected. Our water-based paints are aircraft approved and can be used on our products to ensure passenger and crew safety.

Our years of experience allow us to have a vast number of project examples in a variety of specialised industries. Get in touch with the team today to discover reaction injection moulding solutions for your business. 

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Using Reaction Injection Moulding at Midas Pattern Company Using Reaction Injection Moulding at Midas Pattern Company