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Upcycle and Recycle your RIM Mouldings

Nowadays, recycling and up-cycling have become popular themes on many social feeds as hobbies to partake in whilst helping you reduce your carbon foot print.  At Midas we feel very fortunate to manage a process that has always enabled and promoted modifications, repairs, re-works and the up-cycling of parts. You could say we were always on trend!

Recycling and up-cycling are clearly good for the environment but economically there is a benefit. When you consider just the Medical Device market - current figures are already indicting the refurbishment market as a whole is estimated to be worth USD11.91BN. Clearly an important growth market to be aware of if it’s a sector you work within and one that should be considered as we all take stock of our carbon foot print and environmental impact in general.

Interested in understanding how you can benefit from recycling and upcycling at Midas?

Take a look at our examples below which help demonstrate the potential opportunities open to you to extend the life of your RIM mouldings.


Dealing with Damage in Transit, Assembly or at Customer Sites

All Midas mouldings are painted with very tough, durable two pack paint systems, typically polyurethane or acrylic, but they can still suffer from the odd knock or scratch during their lifetime.  Usually, this can be fixed with some touch up paint applied on the assembly line or by your Service Engineers. 

Midas offers small touch up paint kits for all products we offer, complete with a step by step guide on how to mix the components. If the damage is a little more involved such as a deep gouge or in a very prominent area, it may be more prudent to send the item back to our amazing paint team so a little more attention can be applied to the area before a complete respray is performed.

In as little as 1-2 weeks’ time, you will receive your part back looking as good as new!!


Broken sections 

Ensuring Mouldings Continue to Live Long After Damage

All Midas mouldings are manufactured from a rigid Polyurethane resin which means they can be drilled and machined after being cast, thus providing an opportunity to repair mouldings if necessary.  Depending on the extent of the damage it is often possible to repair the localised areas/broken boss or rib feature, make good and repaint so the part looks like new again.

An assessment is always required at Midas to ensure the part can be safely and effectively repaired but initial images and videos usually give us a very good idea.

Colour and finish changes 

Looking to Utilise your Moulding(s) on a New Instrument or Re-brand/Update your Current Instrument?

The use of colour and branding can be a very powerful tool in this process and one of the benefits of a RIM moulding supplied by Midas is that we hand finish all parts.  At Midas we offer low volume batches and are very happy to switch to alternate colour schemes as required as along as we have a clear understanding of your requirements.

This can mean utilising the same set of covers for two products but using colour as the differentiator, or perhaps you would like to offer a specific colour to a certain customer to match their corporate brand?

Maybe it is time to introduce an upgrade by refreshing the colour scheme.  This process works very well with company or product name change as well.


If you are interested in learning more about how to extend the life of your RIM mouldings or have a specific example, get in touch

If you are considering rebranding but are not sure about your paint options, why not start with our paint terminology overview

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Upcycle and Recycle your RIM Mouldings