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UL Certified for EMC Application

Midas is proud to announce that as of January 2020 we now provide one of our customers bespoke RIM mouldings with EMC coatings that comply with UL’s requirements for UL 746C and as such can proudly apply the UL mark. We are the only UK company that can apply nickel EMC shield paint to our polyurethane mouldings and offer the UL Recognized Component Mark.



EMC Shielding  (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility)

Electromagnetic fields travel through all plastic mouldings, including Midas RIM mouldings very easily - so it is important to contain those fields emitted by the product or device. Failure to do so could lead to interference with other equipment.  One easy solution is to apply a metal laden coating to the internal faces of the moulded enclosure and at Midas we can offer Nickel, Copper and Silver laden paint options.  Depending on the device, how it has been designed, the parts contained within it and the regulations you need to comply with, will help you determine if this coating is required and indeed suitable.


New Project - Get in Touch!

If you have a product that has a similar requirement and need to achieve UL 746C for brittle coatings, get in touch so we can discuss in more detail how we can help.

If you have a standard requirement and are just starting to investigate EMC and EMI coatings, why not take a look at one of our previous posts or take a look at the Intertek website which has a wealth of data relating to the latest tests, including 4th Revision Medical Device 


For more information on our certification go to UL Product IQ and look up File E511121

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UL Certified for EMC Application UL Certified for EMC Application