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Two Years of the Midas Green Initiative

Amidst all the challenges that 2020 threw at us, the Midas Green Initiative stood out like a beacon of light, keeping the Midas team motivated.

It's been two years of hard work, change, investment, and celebration, so we just want to take a moment to let it all sink in.

As we move through our two-year green anniversary, we wanted to share the highlights of our journey.  How we have taken our award-winning polyurethane moulding company to blazing a trail in responsible manufacturing. Achieving process carbon neutrality in just 14 months and carbon neutrality and on through to carbon net-zero in a staggering 21 months.  Along the way, we have had the pleasure of working with just some of the groundbreaking companies that are making this transition to green, possible.  As part of the #midasgreeninitiaitve strategy, we will continue to share our contacts, methods, and gains so others can benefit.

Hopefully, we can inspire others along the way, showing what can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and a bucketful of passion.

As a small UK manufacturing company, we are passionate about the environment and are proud to stand up and fight for a better future. Check out our green stats 

We are proof that by reducing waste, switching supplies, and innovating, you can reduce your impact on the planet whilst maintaining a healthy and profitable business.

Can you do more?

Make sure you are working with a supply chain that is making a positive difference to the climate emergency so we all have a future to look forward to.

Check out the full timeline and reasons why we made the switch to green and if you need a little inspiration, check out our dedicated Green Web Page and Woodland Page for lots of ideas.


‘Thinking Globally and Acting Locally’

Please follow and share #Midasgreeninitiative, the journal of our green mission.

#ClimateEmergency #ACTNow

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Two Years of the Midas Green Initiative