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Together in electric dreams

The #MidasGreenInitiative is obviously close to our hearts as our entire business ethics are based on supplying high quality, parts for life-enhancing and life-saving products whilst staying true to our commitment to operate as a carbon net zero business.

At the start of our ‘green’ journey we installed EV charging points in the Midas car park to encourage and to assist our employees and our visitors in making the change to electric vehicles. Anything that helps a smooth transition is a bonus and we are keen to show that once you’ve embraced the benefits of electric vehicles, the infrastructure is available to support you.

We are pleased to see that seven members of the team are already driving electric vehicles and can re-charge them whilst at work. Even the person handling our marketing and PR – a real sceptic at first – is now a convert and keen to promote the virtues of electric vehicles.

It’s also encouraging to see more and more of our customers and visitors pulling on to the car park and charging their cars while they spend time with us. It is our pleasure to be able to offer this facility to all our stakeholders. We really are on this journey together.

We are proud of our carbon neutral status, and we are proud that our dedicated team of employees are also embracing the importance of making changes to their lifestyles and to their mindsets to help reverse the impacts of climate change.

Well done everyone at Midas who is already an EV advocate and those who are considering making the switch – your children and their children will thank you for your efforts.

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Together in electric dreams