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Rooted in nature – Midas employees plant trees for life

In our commitment to take the carbon responsibility for our customers, we are proud of our achievements in achieving and maintaining our carbon net zero status.

As part of our partnership agreement with the Forest of Marston Vale – a charity managing a community woodland site in our home county of Bedfordshire – to purchase 500 pending issuance units (PIUs) AND 500 trees per annum for five years (up to 2025) a group of Midas employees have taken part in this year’s tree planting session.

As we know 2021 was a strange year because of restrictions, but by mid-April (the end of planting season) the charity was still able to plant 17,900 trees, including the 500 allocated to Midas. Fast forward to 2022 and the lifting of restrictions and, equipped with spades and gardening gloves, keen members from our workforce took to the hillside to set about the task of helping to plant some of the Midas allocated trees.

Although our PIUs are at Shocott Spring – the southern end of the forest, just three miles from Midas – our tree planting session in March was at Houghton House, near Ampthill, very close to Ampthill Great Park where the Masquerade Jewelled Hare was found some years ago. This is currently one of the forest’s biggest planting schemes.

Whilst we are proud of our commitment to this principle, we are also mindful of the notion that it takes one tree, one hundred years of growth to remove one tonne of carbon from the atmosphere! Trees help to cool and clean our air, lock up carbon, reduce flooding, provide sustainable raw materials, and provide hope in terms of combatting the climate crisis.

The two million trees already planted across the Marston Vale area have already removed over 4,917 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year – the equivalent to approximately 2,000 family cars. 

Net zero can be achieved in a practical and financially effective manner, we’ve done it at Midas, learn more about the #MidasGreeninitiative on our Green Initiative pages.

Our employees were laughing and joking and feeling good about themselves as they planted the small saplings which will outlive us all. We are a happy team with a good work ethic and the ambition to make a difference to our customers and our planet – ethical manufacturing doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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Rooted in nature – Midas employees plant trees for life