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Reducing Energy Consumption

September saw Midas install a brand new, high efficiency, air compressor system - an Atlas Copco GA37VSD.

An essential piece of equipment for any factory running paint booths, shotblast equipment and CNC machines, especially like the one's in the Midas CAE department. An area that has seen heavy investment over the last few years and now boasts an impressive  7 large CNC machines that need to run 24/7 at peak times, so having reliable and efficient air compressors is a critical part of the process.

This large investment will not only provide on-going reliability to our large CNC department which is responsible for the manufacture of our rapid MRIM and FASTrim tooling but will do that by using 60% less energy than our previous set-up.  This, combined with all our other energy initiatives, is really helping us to see significant changes in our overall energy usage.

In addition to the new compressor utilising 60% less energy we were really impressed by the commitment and support we received from our supply partner Anglian Compressors Ltd.  They have ensured Midas that all our old equipment and machinery will be responsibly recycled or used for spares so that no material is wasted but that the old energy demanding compressor will not be refurbished/used or sold.  This means that our redundant equipment will not be used inneficiently elsewhere!

It feels very rewarding to work with like minded companies who are looking to lead the way in reducing energy consumption and provide sustainable process options in the UK manufacturing sector.

If you are interested in learning more about our Green Initiative program or have a project that you think would benefit from a RIM moulded enclsoure, email the team and set up your Midas meeting now

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Reducing Energy Consumption