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Our Solar Farm Installation - A Time-lapse

Ever wondered how roofs are prepared and those large and rather unwieldy PV panels installed across factory roofs….well, we were a little curious as well!!

With the very talented RanceFilm as our video maker, who amongst a multitude of other skills can drone film and set up time-lapse videos, we decided to video the entire installtion process from start to finish!

Our Process Carbon Neutral achievement has been significant to Midas and the decision to install 650 x 350W PV panels was absolutely instrumental in our journey and indeed success.  A BIG investment and a big decision to boot, made in the depths of a Global Pandemic.

But as soon as the switch was flicked to ON and we began generating our own energy, any lingering doubts or worries simply evaporated.

Grab yourself a cuppa and have a watch... 

Midas Solar Farm Green Energy Facts:-

  • 650 panels covering 2000 Sq/m (both Midas factory roofs)
  • 100% low cost green energy
  • Our exported green electricity provides us with carbon credits
  • Our solar farm produces 187,000 kWh/pa of green electricity
  • 650 panels will generate 32% of Midas' annual power consumption

Can we support you?

We hope our journey to Process Carbon Neutral has inspired you to make positive change within your working environment and perhaps think a little more about how you select your manufacturing partners.  If you are bringing new science and technology products to market and would like to partner with an ethical and responsible manufacturing company, talk to us to see how we can support your vision and help reduce the carbon impact on your final product.

All tooling and reaction injection mouldings are produced on site, in Bedford, and within our Process Carbon Neutral environment.

If you are looking to make changes in your business and would like to understand how we implemented some of the changes, get in touch so we can chat more

A big shout out to Centreco UK Ltd, our PV partners.

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Our Solar Farm Installation - A Time-lapse