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Midas Switches to Green Gas

August 2019 see's Midas sign up to BULB Energy Ltd for our supply of Green Gas.

With 10% of BULB's gas being Biomethane and the balance being Carbon Neutral we felt this was the best green solution we could use at Midas.

We use gas to heat both our factories to keep our staff comfortable and although we re-use that heat in our moulding & painting processes, ultimately it leaks to atmosphere. We desperately wanted to change this situation and so best option for us was to buy wisely which was through - BULB.

Even though we continue to cut our gas usage and try to minimise wasting gas generated heat we will continue to look for alternatives to reduce our gas consupmtion even further, but for now we are buying the gas we do need RESPONSIBLY!

Thank you BULB, youve made your mark on the MIDAS GREEN INITIATIVE today!

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Midas Switches to Green Gas